cincinnati onsite massage

A variety of massage session lengths is available to accommodate any schedule and budget. You choose what’s right for you.

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Cincinnati onsite massage

Per-Session Pricing
A 60-minute massage session balances the body’s overall health and wellness while addressing key areas of concern. Sessions longer than one hour treat the entire body with additional focus on specific areas that will benefit from extra attention, like a sore back or tight neck and shoulders.
• 60-minute massage: $80.06 (75.00 + $5.06 sales tax)
• 75-minute massage: $98.21 (92.00 + $6.21 sales tax)
• 90-minute massage: $116.36 ($109.00 + $7.36 sales tax)
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Appointments & Scheduling
Massage sessions are available by appointment only, Monday-Friday, from 9am–7pm. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 513-321-7803.
Special arrangements may be made if you need earlier, later or Saturday appointments. Our time together is important, and our therapists schedule a maximum of five sessions each per day, so we require 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule your massage or you will be asked to pay for your missed session. Of course, if you're sick or have a genuine emergency, we will make an exception.
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Payment Options
For your convenience, we accept cash or check. And please don’t tip us! As health professionals, we would prefer that you save your money for another massage so you can continue to invest in your health and well-being.
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Massage Prescriptions
In the state of Ohio, Massage Therapists are required to collect sales tax (6.75% in Hamilton County) for massage therapy services. To keep life simpler, we include sales tax in our massage fees as listed under the Per-Session Pricing heading above.
.....We do have good news: If you bring in a written massage-therapy prescription from your doctor, we don’t have to collect sales tax. If you plan on receiving massage regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, the savings with a massage prescription can really add up. Here are our massage fees without the sales tax:
• 60-minute massage: $75.00
• 75-minute massage: $92.00
• 90-minute massage: $109.00
.....After you have discussed therapeutic massage with your doctor, dentist or chiropractor, massage can be prescribed for specific conditions like back pain, arthritis, headaches and depression. Or massage therapy may be recommended to maintain your overall health. Please let us know by calling our office at 513-321-7803
if you or your doctor have any questions.
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