Cincinnati massage therapy

Massage in your office is an affordable, proven way to:
• Boost productivity
• Increase alertness
• Decrease stress
• Show your staff you care about their health

This seated massage is ideal for:
• Releasing neck-and-shoulder tension
• Easing symptoms caused by repetitive motions like computer work
• Guaranteeing everyone looks forward to coming to work!

On-site massage focuses on the upper body, using invigorating acupressure techniques while you relax on a specially designed massage chair. Our therapists are trained in the specialized techniques of seated massage. They employ a specific sequence of massage strokes especially designed for office environments.
.....On-site massage is $70/hour, per therapist, plus sales tax. Each massage lasts for 15 minutes and massage sessions are spaced 20 minutes apart, allowing time for a brief, confidential health screening prior to each massage. We require a three-hour/nine-person minimum for on-site massage.
.....Whether on-site massage is provided by the company or paid for by the employee, this wellness therapy shows the staff that they are valued and supported! Please contact us at 513-321-7803 for more information on investing in your staff. Your employees will thank you!

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