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Like you, we have heard all the misconceptions about massage. So read on for the true scoop!

Who gets massage? | Do I have to get naked? | Kinds of massage? | Does massage hurt? | Conditions massage helps? | Massage products used? | Difference between shorter & longer sessions? | How often should I get massage? | When shouldn't I get massage? | Is massage OK with my doctor? | What if something embarrassing happens? | Is my session confidental? | How will I feel after? | What if I need to cancel? | Am I supposed to tip? | Do you go to homes?

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Who gets massage?
Massage is for women and men, of all activity levels and ages. We have worked with clients ranging from age 3 to age 93. And, yes, it's OK to receive massage while you're pregnant--certain techniques and positions will be modified to ensure your health and comfort.
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Do I have to get naked?
Definitely not! When you're getting ready for your massage, you'll undress to your comfort level and relax under the sheets and blankets on the massage table. Many people leave their underpants on and most women remove their bras, but whatever you choose to do is OK.
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What kind of massage do you do?
We combine Swedish Massage (soothing and relaxing kneading movements) with gentle stretching and a variety of healing massage techniques, including integrative myoneural therapy, muscle-energy techniques, sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and positional-release therapy (a gentle type of deep-tissue massage). We use the massage techniques and amount of pressure best-suited to your health needs and your goals for your massage session.
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Does massage hurt?
Although you might have tender areas or sensitive points in your muscles, correctly applied massage procedures shouldn't be painful. It's essential to communicate with your therapist during your massage session and let him/her know what you're feeling.
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What conditions will massage help?
Muscle tension, chronic pain, back aches, headaches, stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, immune deficiencies and high blood pressure are the most common reasons people seek massage, but massage benefits many other health concerns as well. Please contact us at 513-321-7803 for more information about massage therapy and specific health issues.
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What massage products do you use?
We use a scent-free, or lightly scented, hypoallergenic massage lotion or cream (instead of massage oil) that absorbs cleanly into your skin so you won't feel greasy after your session. For specific areas that are causing discomfort, we may use Kool-N-Fit, which is a deep-penetrating spray. Kool-N-Fit does have a slight menthol smell, but everyone is amazed at how quickly the scent fades while the pain-relief lasts. We guarantee, you won't leave smelling like Bengay!
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What's the difference between shorter and longer massage sessions?
A 60-minute massage session balances the body’s overall health and wellness while addressing key areas of concern. Sessions longer than one hour treat the entire body with additional focus on specific areas that will benefit from extra attention, like a sore back or tight neck-and-shoulders.
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How often should I get a massage?
We will make recommendations based upon your physical condition and your goals for massage treatment. But only you can decide what works best for you and your lifestyle! Many of our clients find that regular massage (weekly, biweekly or monthly) helps them feel physically better, maintain emotional calm and stay healthy. Regular massage helps us stay at our best, so we each receive regular massage as part of our personal wellness routines. Think of a garden: A garden that is watered, fertilized and weeded regularly will thrive much more than one that is neglected. In the same way, our bodies thrive when our muscles release tension, our nervous system relaxes and our circulation is stimulated through massage therapy. We offer varying session lengths to help you take care of yourself. Please visit Sessions & Pricing for more information.
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Is there ever a time I shouldn't get massage?
In general, massage is an excellent therapy for everyone, of any age, including babies. But massage isn't recommended for some medical conditions, like if you have a cold, fever or other acute infection. If you aren't sure, call your massage therapist before your massage at 513-321-7803. Particular health issues (like high blood pressure) might call for specific massage techniques. That's why your first massage session includes a confidential health history, which ensures we use massage techniques that are best for you. And we'll check-in with you on your health during follow-up massage sessions.
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Do I need to check with my doctor before I get a massage?
Usually not, but we do recommend getting your doctor's OK if you have a chronic or serious medical condition. With your permission, we are happy to discuss massage and your treatment with your doctor. We do suggest asking your doctor to write you a prescription for massage therapy, which means you'll save money by not having to pay sales tax on your massages. Please visit Sessions & Pricing for more information on massage-therapy prescriptions.
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What if something embarrassing happens during my session?
Don't be embarrassed! "As people relax, they can have responses not considered 'acceptable' in polite society," reports a recent issue of Body Sense magazine. "People can pass gas or, when on their stomach, drool on the sheet." So what if you snore? And women, it's OK if you didn't shave your legs recently. These things are not a big deal to us!
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Is my session confidential?
Yes! Many of our clients have referred their friends and family to our care, which we are grateful for. But we can't answer questions about how often someone comes for massage, what we talked about or how massage benefits them. You'll have to ask them yourself!
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How will I feel after my massage?
Most people feel relaxed yet energized after a massage. If you've never had a massage, or if it's been a while since your last session, you could feel slightly fatigued or sore the next day. This doesn't happen to everyone, but it’s normal and usually doesn't last more than a day. Make sure to drink plenty of water after your massage, and we will give you a bottle of water to take home with you. Water helps flush out the waste products stored in your muscles that are released by a massage.
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What if I can't make my massage session? What's your cancellation policy?
Massage sessions are available by appointment only, Monday-Friday, from 9am–7pm. Our time together is important. Unless there’s an emergency, please provide 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your massage, or please take responsibility for full payment for your missed session.
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Am I supposed to tip after my massage?
As a health professional, we don't encourage gratuities. We appreciate your generosity, but we prefer that you save your money for another massage so you can continue to invest in your health and well-being.
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Do you go to people's homes to give massage?
Although we don't do out-calls, or in-home full-body sessions while you rest on a massage table, we do take our massage chairs on-site to offices and to in-home parties to provide 15-minute seated massages. Please visit For Businesses for more information.
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