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Massage makes a positive difference for our clients, helping them lead lives of health and wellness. Yes, it really works! The many benefits of therapeutic massage include:

Relaxing muscles | Decreasing pain
Relieving stress | Speeding recovery | Additional benefits

Cincinnati pain relief

Relaxing tight, sore muscles
Think about how good you feel after you stretch. Massage loosens tense muscles by lengthening your muscle fibers and encouraging blood flow to constricted areas. "I feel better than I have in as long as I can remember. I didn't realize how much pain I was in until it went away!" one of our clients shared. "If muscles could talk, mine would be saying, 'Thank You, THANK You, THANK YOU!'"
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Decreasing chronic pain
In addition to easing muscular tension that strains your joints, massage stimulates the production of the body's pain-fighting "feel-good" hormones. After a few sessions, one of our therapists asked her client, who tried massage because of nagging back pain, "Has your back been causing you any problems?" Her reply: "No! And that's why I keep coming back!" And come back, she does--every two weeks for more than 10 years and counting!
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Relieving stress and tension
Life is nuts! So take care of yourself by focusing time on you and your health. This will help you be your best--and help you be there for others! "I look forward to my massage as a time of blissful relaxation where I can just be by myself and enjoy," says one client, who treasures his monthly massages as a way to renew and rejuvenate.
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Speeding recovery time from illness and injury
Massage releases excessive muscular tension and trigger points that cause pain and put pressure on joints. Several weeks after a client began to rollerblade for fitness, he began to experience severe knee pain. His concern was that he had injured a tendon or ligament in his knee that would require surgical intervention. After his first massage session focusing on his knee pain, he was amazed that his pain was virtually gone. The massage relieved tension in his quadriceps muscle that produced the knee pain. He continued with regular massage sessions for a few months, gradually spacing the sessions further apart until his body adapted to the demands of a new exercise.
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But that's not all! Massage therapy also:
• Calms the nervous system, leading to better-quality sleep and easing depression and anxiety
• Improves circulation, bringing nutrients to your muscle tissues and flushing out toxins
• Enhances immune-system function by encouraging lymph flow
• Helps prevent injury through improved muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion
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